Pool Cleaning

  • Vacuuming pool
  • Brushing pool walls, tile, and steps
  • Netting pool

Pool Circulation

  • Cleaning pool skimmer and pump baskets
  • Backwashing pool filter DE and sand filters

Automatic Pool Cleaner

  • Cleaning pool cleaner bag and filter
  • Cleaning wall screen
  • Verifying pool cleaner operation

Pool Water Chemistry

  • Testing pool water conditions
  • Adding pool chemicals to balance pool water
  • All maintenance chemicals included

We always go to great lengths to verify the proper functionality of the equipment pump, timer, pressure, and leaks to ensure that everything is working properly. 

We offer several Service Plans to suit whatever your pool care needs are.

The Premier Full Service Plan provides everything a standard pool needs for ongoing maintenance which includes cleaning, chemicals, and equipment maintenance at a low monthly rate. 

Did you know frequent filter cleanings can eliminate large dirt accumulation from your pool system?

Are you in need of repairs of any equipment or seeking improvements/upgrades?  We would be proud to assist you.

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Daily filter cycles and routine vacuuming can lead to a build-up of dirt, debris, grease, oil and scale that routine backwashing cannot remove. An unclean pool filter can have a number of harmful effects on your pool as well as your health.

The Premier Filter Cleaning removes all unwanted substances from your filter.  This will keep your pool pristine and healthy with the result being crystal clear water that all pool owners desire. 

Premier Filter Cleaning

Chemical Only Plan includes the items Pool Water Chemistry and Pool Circulation.

Premier Chemical Only Plan

If you simply need a one-time cleaning or acid wash, you can count on us.

When does your pool need a acid-wash?

Without regular maintenance, your pool water will allow the rapid growth of algae. Algae growth that sits in your pool for months or more at a time will stain the porous plaster of the pool so deeply that you won't be able to remove it with regular scrubbing. Another sign that your pool needs an acid-wash is the quick growth of algae after scrubbing it. Algae spores can burrow deep inside the porous plaster and continue to bloom, which the acid-wash should completely eliminate.

Premier One Time Cleaning

Premier Pool Services also offers you a partial service plan that includes all services listed above besides vacuuming and netting.

Premier Partial Service Plan

Premier Full Service Plan